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Balancing the Yin and Yang with Gopi Bliss.

What we see, greatly affects us. Why not decorate and color your physique with phrases, mantras, yantras, intentions, and colors that raise the vibration of you, and those around you? GopiBliss Apparel and Spa has created a way to reflect the inner through the outer. Gopi Bliss considers all life and the planet through Eco-Friendly apparel. Consider consciously selected products with the planet in mind. Gopi Bliss transcends the physical through actively living and wearing the vision of overcoming obstacles through our own lifestyle and quality of life. Express the interior through the exterior. Enhance quality of life by expressing it through your threads. 
Welcome to the GopiBliss global and green vision. Swim Through the Ocean of Bliss.

Gopi Bliss @ World-Spirit. Consider: Gopi or Gopika is a Sanskrit word describing unconditional devotion. Bliss is the Sanskrit word Ananda describing living in bliss. This is the meaning behind out mission statement: Allow Yourself to Swim Through the Ocean of Bliss. Gopi Bliss considers all life and the planet through Eco-Friendly Apparel. Consciously selected products guided by the planet transcend the physical through actively wearing the yantras such as Ganesha (overcoming obstacles) through your own lifestyle. Expressing the inner through the exterior with Gopi Bliss threads enhances quality of life. Welcome to our global green vision. Our mission is simple: To provide the best products and services to our clients at most beneficial prices possible. Gopi Bliss continues sincere commitment to customer service and in the delicate designing of our products.

Production & Manufacturing: The making of the apparel abstains from forced/child labor, abstains from discrimination, and abstains from mass produced products. Apparel production ensures quality of life in all aspects of production. Social responsibility ensures the health and safety of the working environment where our apparel line is produced and assembled. Protection of the environment is sustained under agreement of environmental laws and regulations. Eco-Friendly fabrics include certified 100% organic cotton, recycles polyester, and intertwined fibers which are man-made from raw sustainable materials. These include natural rayon polymers, biodegradable fabric softeners, natural enzymes, non toxic/low-impact dyes, and utilization of energy conservation in manufacturing facilities. The rayon used for the apparel comes from plant cellulose, which is a sustainable source of raw materials.  Research & Development: R&D possibilities for our products as 100% compostable. Exceptions include the baby bodysuit. Gopi Bliss currently creates solutions to complete Earth Friendly line.