Meditation CD

A Children's Chakra Journey Meditation and Mantras CD
 *comes with free GopiBliss Ganesh sticker *while supplies last* 

The mission of this project is to awaken the innate creativity in children. Bringing families Together spiritually, giving our children a way to learn and awakened their divine global purpose. We are all unique vibratory Beings; sound breath work, mantra chanting and Yoga, opens doors for a loving Journey of life. 

Produced by Tiya Levy and Rina Lichtinger. 
Rev. Tiya Levy, yoga teacher, healer & metaphysical counselor. 
Rev. Rina Lichtinger, Ct. RYT. Hatha, Raja, Power, Kids Yoga teacher. Ct. Healing Touch, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Ct Aroma therapist, Ct. Hypno-Birthing child birth educator. 
Richard Brookens, Engineered and Mixed by Richard Brookens at Yellow Bell Music Studio. 
Liza Lichtinger, MS, NCC, Psychotherapist, Artist and Writer, Yoga and Meditation instructor, vocals & Illustrations.  & 
Ashley Ruiz, Background Vocals contribution of music group "HERE II HERE". 

Track #1: Introduction: children chakra journey. Vocals Tiya Levy and Rina Lichtinger 1:03. 
Richard Brookens: Synthesizer 
Track #2: Children Chakra Meditation: Narration Tiya Levy, Rina Lichtinger 14:12. 
Richard Brooken 4.02s: Synthesizer, Gong, Chimes, Vocals. 
Track #3: Long time Sun. Composition and vocals artist Ash Ruiz – Here II Here 4:02. 
Track #4: Kundalini Mantra Sat-Nam. Vocals Rina Lichtinger and Liza Lichtinger 3:10. 
Rina and Liza Lichtinger Harmonium Richard Brookens: Bans Uri (Indian bamboo flute), Tablas. 
Track #5: Crystal Bowl’s Meditation. Crystal Bowls & Chimes Tiya Levy, Rina Lichtinger vocals Richard 5:01. 
Richard Brookens: Synthesizer, Gong. 

Long Time Sun: Kundalini Mantra- Vocals composition Ash Ruiz. 
"May the long time sun shine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on."

Sat-Nam Kundalini Mantra: Vocals Rina and Liza Lichtinger.
"Truth is my witness, Truth is my identity. We chant the Sat-Nam Mantra to open our heart and find inspiration. "

Mantra is one of the oldest therapeutic and transformational tools, calms the mind and opens the heart center. 
Scientific Studies have proved that sound, meditation & crystal bowls manifest healing at a cellular level and calms the nervous system creating well being.