Welcome to World-Spirit's timeless treasures and artworks

Dear fellow earth citizen. 
The international Team of World-Spirit Gaia/ World-spirit.org has a gift for you. 

Is inviting you to join this sacred space and group. 

Tell your name
And your PayPal address. 
If you should need financial help, 
The amount of needed money will be sent to you. 

For free. Out of love. 

World-Spirit Gaia is rich, mostly in wisdom and heart, but finance, too. 
And we are many, that's why stronger together.
It's similar to crowd funding,
But this project is bit more private and members know each other also in real life/are friends. 

The Administrators Admini Gaia Team actually now needs urgent monetary support, so we use this platform to ask for it, and you see how it works. 

Admini Gaia

Paypal adress:

WE KINDLY ask you loving members for help. Everyone please send as much as can be spared, even small amountske 1€ or 2€. 

Send to


There more members help the higher the total amount together. 

Your profit:
We guarantee to send the dollars back to every DONATOR ANYWAY, or if you donate, you can also instantly demand receive payback in Form of by choosing one treasure item product from our store for the amount donated. 
If you donate 10€, YOU can choose a treasure worth 10€.

From one of a kind artworks up to powerful plant medicines, all things good will be soon offered.

From Heart, sincerely, we ask your help for a good cause. 
Thank you in advance!
Without help we would perhaps not make it. 

Love all, serve all. 
Sai RAM and namaste. 

Your team Admini Gaia

Every time a member asks for help all other members will be notified by email, so they can choose to help if interested right away. 

People in no need for help join in order to help instead, cause wanting to share their abundance and help great other people to rise.

Help this project grow a little, we can really help each other and facilitate life on earth.

Make Love, not war, help one another.

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